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Headshots for businesses and other organizations

business headshotAre you re-making your company website, brochures, or other marketing collateral? Maybe it's time to refresh your staff photos too.

Today's society is image-driven, and having a great headshot can go a long way to making a positive first impression.

I've got lots of experience photographing business people, doctors, lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, and professionals of all kinds. I can help create the perfect headshot for your business needs.

My rate for single headshots is very competitive, but as you know, buying in bulk gets you discounts. It's no different when you're acquiring great headshots for your company. You can save significantly if you arrange to have a number of your associates photographed at the same time.

Corporate headshots discount rates

  • Single rate - $400
  • 2 to 4 people - $350 each
  • 5 to 9 people - $300 each
  • 10 - 25 people - $250 each
  • More than 25 people - Contact me to discuss.

These rates apply to headshots shot on the same day at the my studio. Prices valid until July 31, 2014. There may be additional charges for travel.

My standard corporate headshot package includes the following:

  • A photoshoot of up to one hour
  • Two or three outfit changes. See the "What to bring" section below for more details about this.
  • Approximately 20 exposures
  • A password-protected web gallery of proofsProofs are web-sized versions of the photos that you can use to select your final choices. They will have a watermark on them to protect them from being copied or printed.
  • Two finalized images with blemishes touched up and color calibrated for printing
  • I'll also provide your chosen photos in high resolution JPG for submission to print media, and web resolution JPG for use on websites
  • I'll provide your finalized images on CD or for Internet download
  • A license to use the two finalized photos for your personal promotional needs. You'll be able to print as many headshots as you wish.
  • The optional professional hair and makeup artist costs $120. If you'd like to hire a hair and makeup artist, please allow me a week to coordinate the dates and make sure we can have someone available for you.

Hair and makeup

I work with a number of very talented and skilled hair and makeup artists. Even if you do your own hair and makeup every day, I recommend that you hire a professional for your photos. The pros know how to get your look "just right" for the camera. Makeup for photography is slightly different and requires more perfection than everyday makeup.

Hair and makeup costs $120 per person. There are discounts available for groups. Please ask for a quote.

What to bring

  • Two or three different outfits. The style would depend on your business. Dress as you would for a meeting with an important client. If you wear a tie, bring a couple of shirt and tie combinations. Bring a couple of different suit jackets too. If your business is more casual, bring a couple of different choices too. Avoid colors that are too loud and bright, and also avoid strong patterns, logos, or other distracting elements in your clothing.
  • If you have dry or chapped lips, consider bringing some lip balm or chapstick.
  • If you have red eyes, consider bringing some eye drops, like Visine.
  • If you've arranged with me for a hair and makeup artist, show up with clean hair and no makeup on. If you are doing your own hair and makeup, please arrive with your styling already done. You can bring hair products and makeup to do touchups and adjustments here if you wish.
  • Bring some music that you like to listen to. It's not mandatory, but it's fun!
  • Payment for the photo shoot, and the hair and makeup if you've chosen that option.

To contact me by email:

I respond to all emails sent to me. If you are using Hotmail or mail, you might find my replies in your Junk folder. If you find my mail in there, please click the Not Junk button.

My email address is

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Professional, friendly, approachable: Often, your business headshot is going to be your first impression with your client. Use it to communicate those qualities about you that are most important.

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