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Beginner Modeling Portfolio only $700 including hair and makeup until July 31 2014

what is it?

Launch your modeling career.

The beginner modeling portfolio package is designed to give beginner models a set of photos that they can use to start promoting themselves to agents and clients. Think of it as a launching pad for your modeling career.

The goal of the beginner modeling portfolio is to create a portfolio that looks like it took several shoots to accomplish, but to do it all in a single day. This gives you incredible value for your time and effort.

model portfolio for beginners

We shot these three photos of Victoria during the same beginner model portfolio photo shoot. We got three completely different looks for her. Her portfolio is off to a great start!

The package includes:

who is it for?


modeling portfolios for male and female models

The beginner modeling portfolio is for male and female models who are serious about kick-starting their modeling careers. It's for models who are ready to invest in their future success by building a portfolio of beautiful, professional photographs of their modeling work. If this sounds like you, the beginner modeling portfolio is for you.

can I see some examples?

Of course! All of the photos on my website are my work, including the ones on this page. I also created a video portfolio so you can sit back and enjoy a little slideshow.

what do I need to know?

I put together a list of questions and answers about model portfolios. You can also find out more about me and my photography on my Facebook page.


book it!

Ready to go? Here are the four steps necessary for booking a modeling portfolio shoot with me.

  1. Set up a pre-shoot meeting. Call me at 905-544-2600 or email me. We'll set up a time to meet before your shoot. If you can't make it to my studio personally for this meeting, we can have our meeting over the phone.
  2. Show up at the pre-shoot meeting. We'll discuss your look and what you'd like to achieve during the shoot. We'll also arrange a shoot date at this time.
  3. Pay your deposit. A 50% deposit is required at the pre-shoot meeting to secure your shoot date. You must give 48 hours notice if you wish to rebook your shoot, otherwise your deposit will be lost. The deposit is non-refundable.
  4. Confirm. After your deposit is received, I will confirm with you that your shoot is booked!

why work with kevin?

kevin thom model portfolio photographer

Kevin Thom is an award-winning photographer whose work has appeared around the world in magazines, art galleries, on television, websites, product packaging, billboards, sides of buildings, and practically anywhere you can put a photo.

Kevin has worked with dozens of models, including many beginners. He knows that the secret to an amazing portfolio is a fun and relaxed photoshoot.

Kevin knows how to create stunning, iconic imagery. He wants to work with you to put together a creative and eye-catching portfolio to launch your modeling career!

“Kevin's camera, style, and his professionalism has made my photographs look unbelievably gorgeous and I recommend him to everyone! Thank you Kevin.‎”

- Nicole DeLottinville, model

5 tips for beginner models