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Portrait packages

My passion in photography is working with people. I love to make my clients look good in pictures. I especially enjoy surprising people who think they look awful in pictures by making them look great!

Whenever I shoot a photo of someone, I want them to be comfortable. I don't think you can get a good photo of someone unless they feel relaxed and happy to be in front of the camera. I'm told that that's my greatest skill: making people feel at ease. Even if they felt nervous about the process of being photographed, I strive to make the experience comfortable and fun.

"The photos are really wonderful. You did an amazing job. I was nervous about having my photo taken, and it was really a wonderful experience from start to finish." - Rachel Schwarz

There are a number of different categories of portrait photography that I have packaged. If none of the packages below suits your needs, please contact me for a custom quote.

Foreplay Packages - Glamour and boudoir photography

glamuor and boudoir photography

Beautiful and sexy photos of yourself can make you feel great. They can also be a wonderful and sensuous gift for someone you love. Making women look and feel like glamour goddesses is my specialty. Unlock your erotic potential with sensuous glamour photography. Learn more about my unique Foreplay Glamour Photography Packages.

Individidual portrait package - $400

individual portrait

Portraits for friends, family, work. Whatever the reason, I'd be happy to shoot great photos of you.

Family portrait package - $700

family portrait with baby

There are lots of reasons to get a family portrait: to celebrate a new arrival, to send to friends and loved ones, to display in your home, to commemorate special events. I'd be happy to work with you and your family to create something that you'll treasure for years.

Engagement and couples photography package - $500

engagement portrait

The two of you make a great couple. Why not celebrate your upcoming nuptuals or get a portrait done just for fun?

Maternity portrait package - $500

pregnancy photography

Pregnancy is a sacred and special time for a mother. I attempt to capture the magic, the love, the challenge and the promise of the creation of life.

Hair and makeup

I work with a number of very talented and skilled hair and makeup artists. Even if you do your own hair and makeup every day, I recommend that you hire a professional for your photos. The pros know how to get your look "just right" for the camera. Makeup for photography is slightly different and requires more perfection than everyday makeup. The cost is generally around $120 per look per person for this service.

If you'd like to hire a hair and makeup artist, please allow me a week to coordinate the dates and make sure we can have someone available for you.

What to bring

  • Several different outfits that represent the image you wish to portray in your portrait. Do you want to appear professional, sexy, casual, trendy? I can help you choose an outfit that will look great in photos. Just bring some selection and we'll pick something out.
  • Accessories to dress up your look.
  • If you have red eyes, consider bringing some eye drops, like Visine.
  • If you've arranged with me for a hair and makeup artist, show up with clean hair and no makeup on. If you are doing your own hair and makeup, please arrive with your styling already done no sooner than 15 minutes before your appointment. You can bring hair products and makeup to do touchups and adjustments here if you wish.
  • If the photos are going to be nude or partially nude, arrive at the studio in loose clothing. Do not wear bras or underwear that will leave pressure marks on your skin.
  • Bring some music that you like to listen to. It's not mandatory, but it's fun!
  • Payment for the photo shoot, and the hair and makeup if you've chosen that option.

More questions?

To contact me by email:

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male model portfolio portrait

In my opinion: A good portrait is much more than a person in front of a background, smiling for the camera. It should evoke the emotion, attitude, and individuality of the subject. It should make the viewer feel something.

glamour photography and portfolio photography