KPR was our guest coach today, due to a doorbell malfunction at Laura’s house this morning. We thought Laura had forgotten about us, but it turns out she couldn’t hear the doorbell when Mart rang it, so he thought she wasn’t home. 😐

Anyway, we took turns sitting in the “hot seat” being told what our improvising habits were, and being issued challenges by our teammates for future character choices. It was a tough exercise because we were forced to be critical of each others’ styles and to take honest criticism of our own. However, it’s useful and I’m happy to know some of the things I habitually do on stage. For instance, I’m told I play nervous and worried characters a lot. I’m also told that I don’t make big enough emotional reactions, and I justify them by speaking. So, my challenge is to play cool and confident characters who don’t talk much, but react emotionally. I tried it in a few scenes today, and it was tough. But, I’ll continue to work on it. 🙂