Iconic architectural photography

Getting perfect architectural photos requires an appreciation for beautiful design, a sharp eye for angles, attention to detail, and great timing. All of those elements, when amplified and captured correctly, culminate in iconic imagery. By collaborating and discussing the project with the architect, I’ll create images that capture the intent, character and flow of a space.

  • I don’t have a standard package for architectural photography, because every job is different.
  • Pricing depends on the type of images you require.
  • You’ll have a license to use the photos for whatever purpose you wish, for as long as you wish.
  • Some locations will require additional travel expenses.

Uncommon flexibility

My goal is not only to provide you with top quality images, but to allow your use of those images to be easy and flexible. If you’ve contracted me to shoot for you, you will own the unlimited rights to use those photos forever. No complicated or expensive licensing agreements, ever. Contact me to discuss your interior and exterior architectural photography needs and I’ll be happy to put together a quote for you.