Fine art photography

As much as I love working with clients and putting my skills to use to create something for someone else, I think it’s important for commercial photographers to create pure art too. That is, to shoot without a particular goal; to create from the¬†imagination and the inspiration of the moment. This is how we hone our instincts and train our eyes to see the image within a scene.

Selection of fine art photography by Kevin Thom


kevin thom elemental series

Laura Hollick

Without a doubt, my greatest creative influence in the last decade has been Laura Hollick. Laura is a world-renowned artist whose exploration of her own inner world and iconic essence has been an endless source of inspiration for both of us.


kevin thom elemental series


From 2002 until 2007 I worked on my Elemental Series. These photos were my first attempts at art photography.


kevin thom elemental series


Whenever I travel for work or for fun, my camera is never far from my hand.


kevin thom personal photography

Personal Work

An eclectic mix of my creative photography.