An iconic approach to commercial photography

I don’t think commercial photography should be treated any differently than art photography. Some of the greatest images of our time have been created for the purpose of selling. I approach my commercial photography contracts the same way I approach my artistic and conceptual work. I examine the subject to find its most strongly defining and essential elements. Form, texture, taste, temperature, motion, emotion, attitude. I work with you to decide exactly what it is that you want to emphasize about that subject. Then I photographically distill those elements to create the strongest visual communication I can.

People, places and things

Whether I’m applying this approach to travel, fashion, food, product, or editorial, my goal is the same: to create living, breathing images that leap off the page and seize the viewer’s attention.

Uncommon flexibility

My goal is not only to provide you with top quality images that communicate your message perfectly, but to allow your use of those images to be easy and flexible. If you’ve contracted me to shoot for you, you will own the unlimited rights to use those photos forever. No complicated or expensive licensing agreements, ever.

My fully-equipped commercial photography studio is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, but I am willing to travel throughout the region and around the world.

Commercial photography rates

Rates will vary depending on the type of image you want to create, travel requirements, and other details. Please contact me to get more information.