So, I’ve got all these glassware photos I’m supposed to be doing this weekend. On Friday afternoon, it seemed like it was going to be a nice, easy weekend job. I met with the artist who makes them, and she gave me a huge crate of stuff to photograph. I figured I’d do them on Saturday because of the enormous lack of stuff I had booked that day. Well, did I do that? No. I spent the day sleeping, eating, playing XBox, playing the gridlock game that Hesi addicted me to, checking out the #photography channel on IRC where I haven’t been since last year, and then finished the evening by going out to an improv jam that actually didn’t happen because of the film festival at the theatre. Upon finding out there was no jam happening, I completely failed to say, “Oh well, I guess this means I can go home and finish my work.” Instead, I went out to eat unhealthy food even though I wasn’t hungry.

I did manage to get two photos of a martini glass done, but that’s by far too little work to show for an entire day dedicated to shooting. I think my brain is rebelling against everything I’ve put it through this month, and has decided to become useless. Unfortunately, it’s dragging the rest of me with it. Oh well. Today’s another day. I’ll try to get some shooting done in between other things today. :nod: