My “Do More Improv” initiative seems to be working. I taught a workshop on Wednesday night to beginner models at a modeling agency. They’re Alisha’s students, and she and I both feel that improv is good for them. Improv is good for everyone. 🙂 Anyway, it helps them with their self confidence, their ability to remember patterns, and their teamwork. So, fun. Then Thursday night I think I had a really strong Theatresports/Counterpoint show. Our team won. The scores are kind of random and arbitrary, but I honestly think we dominated the stage that night. We had energy and cool characters and funny scenes. Yay! Then last night I did the mysterious Jabberwocky show. It’s a freeform longform show, which means that we take one basic suggestion from the audience at the beginning of the night and spin it into a continuous, hour-long show. I felt really good about the show. I had tons of energy and no fear about using my crazy ideas. I think at one point I whacked KPR in the back with a folding chair and dislocated his spine. We all must suffer for our art, or at least cause others to suffer. :nod: I was going to take a break tonight and just take care of things around the house that need doing, but apparently there’s no host for the improv jam, so I’ll be taking care of that tonight. It’s good because I wasn’t feeling like being on stage that much tonight. I’m pretty tired. So, I’ll sit down and direct the show instead. 🙂

Today was a good day. I visited some friends in Toronto. I had Indian food. Tasty. I had beer. Tasty. I bought a rosemary plant and basil seeds to grow for cooking purposes. Also tasty.

And now, a nap.