It’s funny… I’ve used Eudora for my email for practically as long as I’ve had email, going back to 1991 or so. Back then, it was the best email program on the Mac. When I switched to the PC, I took my Eudora habit with me, and stuck with it until a couple of weeks ago. Eudora has been feeling a bit tired lately, though. I was using version 7.0 by this time, but I was drawn to the sparkling and new Thunderbird. After getting Jen set up on Thunderbird upstairs, I migrated my own mail into Thunderbird too. Thunderbird has come a long way since I first tried the beta last year, and now it does nearly everything I want it to do. Right now, my only peeve with it is that you can’t set a default sort order for new folders, which is a pretty small complaint, actually.

Anyway, the ironic part of it is this: Qualcomm, which makes Eudora, has decided to make the next version open source. And guess what? It will be based on Thunderbird. I’ve always been fond of Eudora, and regretted leaving it. I can’t wait to see how the Thunderbird-based version turns out. 🙂