It should really be called Not Labour Weekend. But I guess that’s awkward. Anyway, it was a great weekend. A lot of it was consumed by my former roommate Chandler’s wedding. Whenever I’d start a sentence with, “My roommate Chandler…” people would say, “You have a roommate named Chandler?!” It was really annoying. Thanks Friends.

Friday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Because I was an usher in the wedding, I had to attend these things. Fortunately, it was mostly painless. Dinner was good too, at a Thai restaurant in Burlington.

Saturday was a banner day. I went to the Burlington Rib Festival, which is the largest rib festival in Canada. Thankfully I’m on a caveman diet right now that allows me to eat ribs sans guilt. It was hilarious. There were about 12 different places to get ribs. Each of them had a huge facade with posters and trophies claiming their wins from previous years. At least five of them claimed to be “Defending Champions!” The best ribs were from Bone Daddy’s. The worst were from some place that sprayed Jack Daniels on them after cooking. The idea sounded good, but the execution was not. They were dry and tough like rib jerky.

Sunday was the actual day of the wedding. It seemed like there was endless picture-taking, ceremony, and more picture taking. The reception was really good. The MC was hilarious, and there were a lot of stories about our past. We had a good time and lots of laughs.

Monday I got to take it easy a bit. Nothing major happened, which is just how I like it. In the evening, I did three improv shows in a row. First was The Bat, which I entirely love. We had a lot of fun with this one. Next was the Big in Japan set, which, again, was fun. By the time Munchausen rolled around, I was all improv-ed out. I think I’ll try to limit myself to a maximum of two shows per night from now on.