I had some good news today. I did a headshot session with Melody, who’s a friend of Christina. I shot Christina’s headshots about two weeks ago, and Christina came along with Melody to sit in on the shoot. Christina had some good news. Since she started handing her new headshots out at auditions and to agents, she’s already had five callbacks! It’s always gratifying to hear this type of success story first-hand. Christina’s got a great look, a positive attitude, and an eye-catching headshot. With those ingredients, I’m sure she’ll succeed. Here’s one of the headshots Christina selected from her shoot.


That brings me to my next topic. There are lots of people in Toronto who need great headshots, many of whom have made the trip to Hamilton to see me. But, crazy as it may seem, not all of them are willing to come here. So, in the spirit of Mohammed and his Mountain, I’m packing up my stuff and moving the studio to Toronto… for one day only! On September 14, I’ll be setting up shop at the amazing Gladstone Hotel on Queen Street West at Gladstone.

I’ve rented the luxurious Tower Suite for the day, and hired award-winning makeup artist Sue Upton. All headshot packages will include hair and makeup. Yet, because I’ll be doing a number of sessions that day, the price is still going to be extremely reasonable. Read more about Toronto Headshots Day.