Here's the CD cover for Brad James's debut album, featuring a photo I shot for him last summer.

One late summer evening last year, I shot the CD art for up-and-coming country music artist Brad James. We chose a field in rural Stoney Creek, Ontario. The field was perfect because of the lonely tree on the horizon, with the sun setting behind it. After some lengthy negotiations with suspicious local farmers, we gained access to the field, and tromped through waist-deep grass to get to the best spot just in time to capture the best light. It was a perfect golden hour for shooting, and I think we managed to capture exactly that warm summer field feeling we were after.

When I’m shooting promotional photos for bands and musicians, it’s really important to me that I understand what their brand is about. That way, we can choose locations, pose, time of day, and put together all the critical elements that communicate the right message.

Anyway, Brad is busy touring and pursuing his dream of country music stardom. Check him out on his Myspace page, where you see where he’ll be playing next. You can also hear some of his tunes and buy his CD.