This handy list will help you to know when it’s an appropriate time to get new headshots.

1. You have a job

Many professionals these days can benefit from having a good quality corporate headshot. I’m not talking about the obvious ones like real estate agents, actors and models, who all must have a headshot in order to succeed. I’m thinking more of people like doctors, lawyers, architects and executives. Basically, anyone who is entrusted with high levels of responsibility should have a professional quality headshot to represent them. Making do with a cropped scan from a family Christmas party photo just doesn’t project the kind of professionalism you aim to exhibit every day in the workplace.

2. You don’t have a job

Looking for a job? As shallow as it might seem, people make snap judgments about each other based on appearance. It doesn’t mean that you need to look like a supermodel to get a job, but making yourself presentable online is a must in the modern competitive job market. Just as you wouldn’t show up to an important job interview in ripped jeans and with dirt all over your face, why would you show potential employers a photo of you at anything less than your best? A professional-looking headshot might not land you a job, but it might give you the edge you need to get your foot in the door, or get some actual face-time so you can really show them what you’ve got.

3. You’re single

Hey there’s nothing wrong with that. Being single can be fun. But if you’re single and you don’t want to be, your online emissary to the world of potential partners is your dating site profile picture. It works 24/7 for you, advertising your gorgeous mug to the world. A lot of people will say that you only need snapshots on your dating profile. Obviously, I have a different opinion. A professional profile photo can round out your gallery of more casual photos by adding an element of contrast and quality. A great-looking profile photo lures the viewer in for a closer look. Come hither!

4. You use social media

Do you want to elevate your social media presence? A professional portrait or headshot can really have that effect. No matter what network you’re on, you can tailor your profile picture to really show what you’re all about. Your profile pictures for various social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter might have different goals and purposes. Do you want to highlight your professional side? Your fun-loving side? Your goofy side? Your all-encompassing sexiness? A good professional photographer can help you share your best traits on social media. Besides, a new professional photo will harvest you a ton of likes and +1’s!

5. You are getting older

Let’s face it, we’re all getting older. That’s not necessarily bad, it’s just the truth. Your headshots need to reflect this. There isn’t anything sadder than seeing someone clinging desperately to a photo that was obviously taken in 1998 and pretending that’s what they look like now. A great way to respect your age and the wisdom that comes with it is to get a spanking-new headshot that beautifully captures your increasingly mature and elegant look!

6. You have a face

If none of the above apply to you, then congratulations. You belong to an extraordinarily tiny minority of people. However, you’re not out of the woods yet, because you probably have a face. And belonging to such a select group while still owning a face is really a major accomplishment. You should celebrate by getting your headshots done!

Can you think of any more reasons to get headshots? Chime in in the comments below.

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