Kevin’s Bio

Kevin Thom is an award-winning photographer who specializes in commercial, promotional and headshot photography for artists and business people. He is based out of his studio in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Kevin takes an art-centred approach to all of his photography. A hallmark of his style is a distinct focus on visual communication. This tendency comes from the ongoing development of his conceptual series called “Elemental.” This series distills its subject matter to its most essential element, whether that be a shape, texture, color, attitude or emotion. Kevin then highlights this element using dramatic and unorthodox lighting, angles, perspective and composition.

Kevin’s work has appeared in numerous magazines, on book covers, and in other publications around the world. He has exhibited his artistic and conceptual photography in Canada and the US, as well as overseas.

Kevin is heavily influenced by the dramatic cinematic lighting style used in Hollywood movies. Some of his early influences include George Hurrell, who pioneered that style of lighting, and Yousuf Karsh. Kevin also admires the work of Erwin Olaf, Platon, and Annie Liebowitz.

A small selection of Kevin’s published work