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Photography Pricing and Packages - Hiring Kevin Thom

Great photos make you feel great.

That's my guiding philosophy. I want your photos to make you feel great. Whether I'm shooting a portrait, a headshot, or an image of a product you sell, it's always my goal that the end result will make you smile.

headshot package

Headshot packages

I shoot headshots for actors, musicians, performers, and business executives. I've put together packages for this special type of portrait.

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model portfolio package

Modeling portfolio packages

I shoot glamorous photos for models who are building or starting their portfolios.

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glamour and portrait photography for families couples engagement photos individual portraits

Portrait and Glamour packages

Individuals, couples, family and pregnancy portraits. My specialty is shooting extraordinary photos of regular people.

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band musician and performer photography

Performer packages

I shoot creative photos for bands, musicians, actors, comedians and other performers. These photos are often used on CD covers, posters, magazine covers and promotional materials.

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commercial photography product shots

Commercial photography

I shoot commercial photography, from product shots on a white or black background, to more creative images that bring your marketing materials to life.

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architectural photography architecture building

Architectural photography

From the functional to the spectacular, I love shooting buildings and other man-made structures. I'm lucky to have had the chance to shoot some of the most remarkable structures on Earth. I'd love to shoot yours too.

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Setting up a shoot

I'm very flexible about where and when I'll work. Before setting up a shoot, we'll talk about the ideas and emotions you want your photo to communicate. We'll work out the details of price, licensing and location and set a date. Once all of those things are settled, we'll do the shoot.

To contact me by email:

I respond to all emails sent to me. If you are using Hotmail or mail, you might find my replies in your Junk folder. If you find my mail in there, please click the Not Junk button.

My email address is

Entropy improv group music and painting
In the studio: This shot shows my studio set up for a shoot with music and painting improv duo Entropy. Jamie Rosen and Louise Ferguson team up to create music and visual art live from an audience suggestion. Their improv form is very innovative, so I wanted to create an innovative image for them that would communicate what they do in a simple way.
Entropy improv group music and painting
The final image: The main elements of what Entropy does are included in the frame. I think we're able to say a lot with very little here. That's always my goal.