Yesterday was a good day, but pretty typical I guess. Here’s what happened…

I had a great workout at the gym. I’m getting into doing more cardio now that the weather is getting cold and I can’t spend as much time outside walking and biking. I hate indoor cardio exercises, but reading a magazine makes the time on the bike just disappear. :nod:

Work was non-stop busy all day. People were coming through the door continuously, I sold some equipment, I had a lot of service calls to make, and our repair lab never stopped churning out fixed systems all day. This is how it should be. 🙂 In the middle of the day I managed to find half an hour to visit my Italian barber for a quick hair cut. I was beginning to look like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber:

dumb and dumber

It doesn’t matter which one is Lloyd I guess. I looked like a combination of both of them. I knew it was time for a trim. I feel much more normal now.

I got an email from my lawyer and a call from my mortgage broker. So far, all things seem to be a go for the condo/loft that I put an offer on last week. I haven’t talked about it until now because I wanted to be fairly certain that the deal would go through before I publicly mentioned it. But, now that the lawyer and the mortgage broker are both happy, a lot of the uncertainty is gone. If anyone’s interested in seeing what the place looks like, I put some photos here. I should be signing the papers to approve the purchase today, if all goes well. :bounce:

Towards the end of the day I was chatting with suzi9mm and finally got her MSN and webcam working, like I’d been promising to do for a long time. 🙂 We had a really fun webcam chat. We’ve been good friends for a long time now, but being able to see each other smile and move and talk was a really cool surprise for both of us. Having only known her through instant messaging and email up until now, it added a whole new dimension to my perception of her. I felt very simple and goofy to be grinning so much, but it was fun. As a tech guy, I should take such things for granted, but I’m still amazed by what incredible down-to-earth things become possible with free software, the Internet, and a cheap little webcam.

I couldn’t chat long with suzi9mm because I had to get to the Staircase Theatre for the TheatreSports show. I hadn’t been cast in the show, but Mart and Colette were playing, and I wanted to go support the team by shouting evil offers from the audience: “Concentration camp!” “Botulism!” “Projectile vomit!” “19th Century French Impressionism!” As it turned out, there had been a few cancellations from cast, so I was thrown into the mix at the last minute. It ended up being a pretty good and funny show. The audience was very receptive, and we were all having a great time playing and listening to each other. The on-stage chemistry was really working tonight.

After the show I went for a beer at the pub, and then went home and called it a night. I had thought about using the rest of the night to organize my photography portfolio, but I thought that sleep would be a healthier option. 😀