I was thinking a lot about the Matrix today, and the themes that it explores. One of the most obvious ones is the balance between free will and destiny. To me, free will is a pragmatic idea, and destiny is a romantic one. And you can define them by two different attitudes:

a) Free Will: I make stuff happen.
b) Destiny: Stuff happens to me.

Yeah, I know. People have been thinking about this stuff for centuries, so I’m certainly not unique in this regard. But I still find it a fascinating debate. Which do you believe? How does your belief affect you? Personally, I draw a continuum between the two points of view, and then I fall somewhere in the middle. I believe stuff happens to people regularly, but it is also up to them to deal with that stuff, whether it be good or bad. That is what determines how things turn out for them, and ultimately how satisfied they are in life. Maybe we’re all tied to our destinies by an unbreakable bungee cord. You can stretch away from your destiny more or less, but you can’t escape it entirely. Anyway, that’s what’s going through my mind right now instead of work. 😉