What an awful show. I mean, it was not funny, it was not good improv, it was not anything. I apologize to all of improv for that debacle. There were laughs from the audience, but I think that’s because they felt obligated to laugh, and not because anything was particularly good.

There are two things we were doing out there to kill scenes. First, no one was listening. Everyone had their own little idea about what things should be about, and pursued it, killing everything that the other was starting. Nothing got anywhere. We spend all this time developing “group mind,” and practicing as a team, and this happens. Very discouraging.

Second, why did we take EVERY audience suggestion so literally? It’s just a suggestion! If someone says “dead husband” we don’t need to start the scene with a person being a dead husband lying on the stage! It’s so limiting, and the scene goes nowhere. We should be using our creative brains–and I know we have them–to free associate a better starting point for scenes. So, dead husband, makes me think of a graveyard, which makes me think of flowers, which makes me think of flower shops. Let’s start the scene in a flower shop!

We needed notes like this last night. But instead, everyone was patting each other on the back for such a “great and funny show.” Did anyone SERIOUSLY believe that? It frigging sucked, and I think deep down everyone knew that. Anyway, that’s enough whining for today. It was the worst show I’ve ever done, and it’s now over. Acknowledgement of failure makes us stronger. Yeah.