Yep, a pretty busy day today. I finished Unit 1 of the Impatient Theatre Company’s improv training. The eight-week program was a lot of fun… I met some really cool people there. Much of it was repeat material for me, but any kind of coached practice is good. I need as much of it as I can get, especially as it helped me boost my confidence after Thursday night’s disastrous display. Watching how the class was taught helped me with my own improv teaching style too. 🙂 It’s sad that the class is over now, because I probably won’t see my new friends for quite a long time. But I’m sure most of us will reconvene in Unit 2 which starts in a couple of months. :nod:

After that came some wandering around Toronto. I shopped unsuccessfully for new gloves. I shopped equally unsuccessfully for a shirt too. I took a few photos, but nothing stunning. Mainly snapshots. I found a cool place I’d like to do a fashion-type shoot some day… probably when the weather is not so freezing. This is what it looks like:


Can you see the potential? I’d love to play around with it. I’m wondering what the chain across the front of it means? Pshaw. Just a suggestion, I’m sure! 😀

After that, I met Hesi for dinner–Thai food at Young Thailand on Church Street. Yum. Pad Thai = Goodness. :drool: Tasty food, great company, interesting conversation. There was much to like about this evening. :nod:

I dropped by Manyk’s house on my way home from Toronto. He gave me a cool Manyk Photography Calendar for an early Christmas present. Thanks man!

I finish the day being satisfied that I am surrounded by great people. It’s a good thing to know. 😀