Well it’s been a very interesting year, that’s for sure. It seems almost like two years since I stood at this point last, looking forward into a new year and looking back upon the one that has just passed.

I feel like 2003 was pivotal for me in almost every area of my life. Not all of it has been good, but it’s been mainly good, and that’s what counts. I feel like I’ve gotten a lot done. Improv is going well, photography is going well, and The Mouse Academy is going well. All of my friends seem happy and healthy, and that’s comforting too. Some of the highlights (in somewhat chronological order) from 2003’s calendar include:

  • Toronto Deviantmeet in March just before my birthday, and a nice piece of birthday cake from Olya! :hug:
  • An absolutely insane weekend trip to Montreal that involved strippers, the police (once or twice), a fight in a pizza place, gourmet dining, a martini bar, me as the DJ at an out-of-control party, and all kinds of other fun
  • The formation and eventual naming of Affirmative Action
  • Numerous photo shoots
  • My first ever photo exhibition
  • A whole bunch of weddings
  • Camping and kayaking in Algonquin park
  • Dragon Boat racing on the bay, and finishing in respectable position (i.e. not crashing into the wall)
  • Travelling to Los Angeles to visit Uncle Wayne and to pick up my new camera :bounce:
  • Workshops and shows at the Toronto International Improv Festival, which was almost grounded by the blackout, but managed still to be incredibly successful and rewarding
  • Buying my new loft
  • I’m really looking forward to 2004. There are so many cool things on the horizon already… Moving into my new place is my first priority. I’ll also be working on reorganizing my business and then putting a major push on promoting my photography in the spring and summer. Improv will remain a huge part of my life. I’m excited about the new direction KPR will be giving to the Staircase Theatre in 2004 as its new artistic director. Jenni (suzi9mm) is coming from Finland to visit in the summer, and we have huge plans for collaborative photography projects, and just for having fun in general. I’m also hoping to do some travelling. I’d like to go back to Los Angeles for a long weekend, and drop in on New York City too. Maybe I’ll visit Thailand towards the end of the year. Oh yeah. It’s gonna be a good one. :dance:

    But, until it gets here, enjoy the tail of 2003, celebrate its end, and be safe. Have a Happy New Year everyone!