As if I needed an excuse, I discovered that DVD’s burned on a DVD+RW drive don’t work in my old DVD player, so I went out and bought a new one. It’s a Toshiba SD-430VSC — nothing especially fancy, but it’s got progressive scan and MP3 support. Knowing very little about DVD players, and being confronted with a confusing array of options, I just bought one that was the same brand as my old one, since it has served me so well up to this point. Mmmm… brand marketing… Anyway, after a call to Samsung to figure out how to get my TV to do progressive scan properly, I’m very happy with the new player. The image is ridiculously clear and detailed. Color is noticibly better than on my old one. It actually looks like film. I can even see the film grain in The Matrix! :eyepopping: Sound is better too. Clearer and cleaner. It’s amazing how far $139 will go these days… 😀