I was thinking about my new place tonight, and how I’m finally going to have a piano again. Dad’s giving me the family’s Heinzman upright grand, which is the piano I learned to play on when I was 4 years-old. I can’t wait to get it tuned and fixed up. Which got me thinking about my favorite songs to play.

“Moonlight” Sonata, Opus 27, No. 2
by Ludwig van Beethoven

This piece is so soothing it’s ridiculous. I love playing it, especially the first movement, which is haunting and dark. The second movement is fun, but more lighthearted. The third movement is downright impossible, so let’s not talk about it here.

Raindrop Prelude, Opus 28, No. 15, in D-flat,
by Frederic Chopin

This is the first “descriptive” piece that I really learned to appreciate. It sounds like a rainstorm, complete with a shower, building to a full-out thunderstorm, then fading away again. Fun to play, especially the “thunder” parts. 😛

Rhapsody in Blue
by George Gershwin

It wouldn’t be fair to say I can play this whole thing, because it is insanely difficult, and most parts of it are well beyond my ability. But, I have learned certain passages by heart, and can really move a room when I lay into them. 🙂 It’s an impressive piece. I just need to learn more of it. :nod: If you want a good version of this, look for the one used in the Disney movie Fantasia 2000.

If I think of more I’ll post them. 😀