Scrambled Leggs is a sketch comedy group from Toronto. They’re made up of four girls: Angela, Sheri, Erin and Julie. This shoot was thrown together at the very last minute, because they needed photos done before Wednesday. I got a call from Erin on Friday night, and we made tentative plans to do the shoot on Saturday afternoon. The entire thing was confirmed on Saturday morning at 10, after Erin got in touch with all the other girls.

The shoot was held at The Bedford Academy, which is a pub near Spadina and Bloor. It’s a beautiful place, converted from a Victorian mansion. Because it was Sunday, there were few customers, and we had the freedom to shoot in various locations throughout the building. There were a lot of great elements that we pulled into the shoot. Antique furniture, a pool table, the kitchen of the restaurant, and the bar made great set pieces and backgrounds for the shoot. The girls were all photogenic, and very animated, and that helped things go very smoothly.

There were some real tests for me, though. For one, I’d never shot a group of four before. Getting four people to pose naturally, and with good expressions was not always easy. But, they are pros, so I’m sure that helped a lot. Also, having to move between several different locations in the building, and set up lighting quickly and effectively was challenging. To make matters worse, some of their costumes included huge eyeglasses, which are a nightmare to shoot with flash photography. Since the situation felt largely out of control at times, I took the opportunity to experiment a bit with side lighting and low lighting. Some of those shots turned out to be my favorites. I think I did more directing of poses during this shoot than in any other I’d done to this point. That was good practice too.

In the end, I was very happy with the shots we captured. Erin phoned me at the office today and was ecstatic about the results. She’s going to show them to her publicist and to the other girls. Then they will be ordering prints. :bounce: