I called up the rec centre yesterday to find out when I could go swimming. I found out that swimming for adults is on Monday and Wednesday nights, so I decided that tonight was the night to get back in the pool. Swimming will be perfect for my new fitness goal, which is to sharpen up my muscle definition a bit and improve my speed and mobility. I’ve already started on this, eating more vegetarian stuff to lose mass, and also doing more repetition in exercises with less weight. Boxing and kickboxing with the punching bag at the gym has helped my speed and coordination too. I find it kind of sad to see my shoulder muscles shrinking, after I worked so hard to build them up, but change is not always bad.

It’s funny, but every few years I change my fitness goals. A few years ago, my goal was to become as strong as possible. So I’d go to the gym and lift weights and do crazy routines like “German Volume Training” and “Total Body Training” which would usually result in me puking, but becoming ridiculously strong. Now, I’m not so interested in that. Having too much muscle mass means you have to eat continuously, and work out way too much. Also, clothes are hard to find when you have abnormal measurements. Now, I just want to have a practical body type. I’m pretty lucky that I can control my body shape pretty easily and quickly, just by changing the types of exercises I do, and the types of foods I eat.

I spent close to an hour swimming laps. It was just me and this other guy in the pool. Not so bad for $3! I enjoyed the peace and quiet. The exercise was great. My body feels like it’s made of jello right now, and that’s a good sign, I think. This is definitely going to become a habit. 🙂