This is a movie I’d been wanting to see since I saw the first preview for it. It certainly lived up to my expectations. Great drama, acting, plot, cinematography, and characters that actually developed and affected each other in pivotal ways.

The historical setting was spectacular. It was late 19th Century Japan, as that country was making its first steps towards modernization. Everything was so textured and real, from the busy streets of Tokyo to the rural beauty of the Japanese countryside. The movie immersed you in location. Every shot was perfectly lit and composed, which made the movie visually stunning.

The portrayal of the Japanese people and culture was multi-layered and complex. The film captured their civility, pride and honor, while simultaneously exposing the deep emotion, courage and passion runs underneath.

Equally interesting was the portrayal of America and its treatment of native Americans. The film was highly critical of America’s genocidal behaviour and disrespect towards native culture. The parallel between native American and traditional Japanese culture was a recurring theme throughout the film.

I won’t ruin the story for you, but I will say that this movie is definitely worth watching. 😀