Usually I try to dress decently for work, especially I’m expecting people to give me large sums of money and I want to look like I deserve it. It’s all about perception, unfortunately. I could be a total slob on the inside, but if I wear a nice pair of shoes, people think I’m Donald Trump. Anyway, yesterday I dressed up extra special because of the luncheon with the mayor and the Rotary Club. I wore some custom-made dress pants, new black leather shoes, Christian Dior electric blue dress shirt, silver silk Italian tie, black single-breasted wool knit suit jacket, a microfibre trenchcoat by Perry Ellis, and my Terminator sunglasses. 😛 I had to admit that I felt like a badass walking around the city like that. Hamilton is… shall we say… “casual.” People treated me differently because I was dressed differently from them. I got a lot of positive comments from people I know, and strangers were looking too. Because of my hectic schedule yesterday, I didn’t even get to change before I went to the theatre, so I had to wear part of that outfit for the show last night.

It’s interesting how something you wear can make you feel like a different person. For me, it’s because I realize how people are perceiving me differently only because of what I’m wearing. It’s a costume–a disguise–I guess. Anyway, something to think about… :slow: