I went to the new condo today to measure it and to reconnect with it. I haven’t been there since the end of October, so it was nice to reconfirm my impressions of the place. I met the current owner. She’s very nice, and gave me the rundown on the neighbors, and the parking situation, and the satellite TV situation, etc. For instance, she says she blasts her music at 4AM and no one complains because the floors are 2 feet thick concrete, and there’s special sound-proof insulation between the units. 😀 She says everyone in the building is nice too. Everything seems very cool. She’s moving out because she’s saving for a house with her fiance. She’s going to miss living there. Only one small thing is wrong: her giant dog (a great dane) scratched up the bathroom wall last week, but they’re fixing and painting it today. Anyway, I’m hyped. I made a floorplan so I can start thinking about where to put furniture and stuff. The grey area above the bathroom is the loft section, which is a kind of balcony that overlooks the whole place. :bounce: