Yes, improv is fun. 🙂 And, it can seem random too. Improvised scenework is actually based upon an audience suggestion. The “randomness” of it comes from the fact that we use free association to try to make the connection to the suggestion less obvious. It also helps get away from bonehead audience suggestions like “oral sex” or “fart.”

Free association helps us get a few somewhat logical steps away from the suggestion. For instance, if some attention-starved yahoo in the audience suggests “oral sex,” we think of a chain of associations. Oral sex -> Lips -> Cosmetics -> Drugstore. We start the scene in a drugstore. As long as the audience finds your scene entertaining, no one will complain that you didn’t directly address “oral sex.”

In the example of “fart”, we might go: Fart -> Smell -> Candle -> Wax -> Bees. The scene could then be about bees. Bees are funny. 🙂 The audience will clap its hands at the end of a funny scene about bees, and will probably not even remember that the suggestion was “fart.”

Free association can be a lot of fun, and and is a great catalyst for creativity. It trains your mind to make leaps of logic, which enables you to often reach conclusions or solve problems in unique ways. So, not only is improv fun, it’s also good for you! :nod: