Well I was initially disappointed because I couldn’t get all my friends together in one place for our traditional New Year’s Eve celebration. Everyone was so non-committal about New Year’s plans this year that eventually everyone seemed individually dragged in other directions by alternate plans before we could plan anything as a group. But the evening turned out to be pretty nice. I met Mike, Mary-Lynn, Culver and Jess in Oakville for dinner at The Rude Native, then back to Mike and Mary-Lynn’s place for drinks and hanging out. It was quiet, but a lot of fun. There’s comfort in spending time with lifelong friends. I ended up spending the night there instead of risking driving back to Hamilton with a questionable blood alcohol level. Besides, we planned to go for lunch the next day and I didn’t feel like making a double trip.

Lunch the next day was great. Mike, Mary-Lynn, Culver, Jess, Bhavesh, Bjorn and I went for dim sum in Mississauga at The Perfect Kitchen. Great food, and a fun time. Mike, Culver and Jess went to see ROTK after lunch, and Bhav, Mary-Lynn and I headed back to the house to chill for the afternoon. Most of us had dinner there too. Mary-Lynn made lasagna and perogies. Mmm… carbs. 😀

Anyway, the celebrations are over. Next year: PARTY AT MY PLACE! :bounce: