Step one in packing to move to a new apartment is, “Throw stuff in the garbage so you don’t have to pack it.”

Here is a list of some of the stupid things I was keeping for no apparent reason:

– Apple Stylewriter Ink Cartridge (empty) from 1991. Even when I owned this ancient printer, the empty cartridge was useless. Why do I have it?
– Ugly sunglasses. They were never in style. It’s unlikely they will ever be in style. Garbage.
– Dead cheap watch. Maybe I was intending to replace the battery so it would be returned to plain-old-cheap-watch status?
– 45MB hard drive from Apple Powerbook. Made by Connor in 1990. Not sure if it still works, but even if it did, what good is it to anyone?
– Dried up Hallowe’en makeup from four years ago when I was a commando. Yeah.
– Remote control for car alarm in car I sold 7 years ago. If I ever see that car again, I’m gonna steal it!
– Face shield from when I took CPR in 1996. Using this thing now would probably be more hazardous than giving unprotected mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a homeless hooker with herpes.
– Receipts from Christmas gifts given in 2001. If they don’t like the gifts now, tough shit.
– A key labeled “Private Office.” Hmmm… maybe I should keep that one…