Well, it’s done. Kind of. Eight of my best friends descended upon my old apartment and swept all of my stuff into a U-Haul truck. Then swept the stuff out of the truck into my new apartment. Despite having to carry a queen-sized bed and two couches down and then up some pretty seriously narrow stairways, everyone was in good spirits. I provided a lot of beer and pizza as a reward. I bought 24 bottles of Moosehead and Upper Canada Maple, and left them with it while I went to return the truck. While I was out, I got a call from Mike. “Can you drop by and pick up some more beer? And some wine coolers? And some orange juice? And some pop?” I was thinking, how can they have finished 24 bottles in half an hour? But I bought 12 more Moosehead anyway. And 4 hard lemonade things. And orange juice. And Pepsi, 7-Up and ginger ale. When I returned, I found that most of the beer was still there. Mike was just planning for my future. Now that everyone’s gone, I checked the fridge. There are 21 bottles left. You do the math. The orange juice, pop and wine coolers are untouched. I was instructed to use these items to meet my new neighbors. 😛 Perhaps I should just use them to get hammered right now. There is such a huge mess to deal with. Things need to be put into places I’m not familiar with. It will be quite fun. 🙂

Anyway, without the help of my friends I would have been lost. Thanks to Mike, Nick, Matt, Bjorn, Dennis, Stephanie, Kevin and Culver. :hug: