Today has felt like an adventure already. I went to do some work at a client’s office, because their email was dead and they couldn’t wait until I had time to see them on Tuesdsay. So, I went there this morning to have a look at it. I used to work every Saturday, but found that there wasn’t huge demand for me on Saturdays. I decided to enjoy the weekends instead, and make Saturday working an optional thing. Well, the fewer Saturdays you work, the less appealing it becomes. Anyway, it turns out that the email problem was Bell Canada’s fault (no big surprise there) but you can’t get Bell to admit doing anything wrong because they don’t want to get sued. I fixed the problem and left.

After that I went to my old apartment to clean up the last of my stuff. I took down two cool light fixtures I had installed, and grabbed the remainder of my things. Surprisingly, it was another five trips to the car, and I filled up the car with stuff. I returned the apartment keys to the superintendent. It felt mildly sad, since it was the end of an era. I lived there for almost three years. But, by the end, the place was empty and no longer felt like home, so the emotional impact was minimal. I did leave a bunch of plants there, because I can’t find a place for them here. I felt a pang of guilt about that. I couldn’t just throw them in the garbage, after I’d looked after them for so long. A couple of them were really sick looking when I got them, and I brought them back to life. I hope someone takes them and gives them a new home. Shit. I just remembered that I was using a $10 Chinese bowl to hold one of them, and it’s still there on the counter. Oh well. Easy come, easy go.

I headed over to my dad’s place to tackle the snow in his driveway. He’s in New Zealand, just in time to miss all this lovely snow. I wanted to shovel it before it got all hard and crusty. I was about halfway done when my dad’s neighbour offered me the use of his snowblower. Since I hate shoveling only slightly less than death itself, I gladly took this offer. Shoveling is actually fun when you have a snowblower. The snow was flying everywhere. :bounce: I was kind of sorry when it was done.

Then I went to get my hair cut. My Italian barber shop is just like it should be: a refuge for men. Today, the topic of discussion was how the barber was upset that female hairdressers are stealing his customers. He also talked about he won’t buy anything from America, even if it’s free. Italian barbers are very passionate about certain things. There was an Italian tile contractor waiting for his hair cut while I was in the chair. Turns out he did the tiles in my new building. Nice black slate tiles too…. mmmm… classy. My barber lives one block from my new place too. These are two pieces of evidence that it’s a small world.

After getting my hair cut, I went to a stereo store to buy a switch thingie to connect my DVD player and XBox to the TV at the same time. Choice is good. 🙂

Then I went home and hauled all my stuff out of the car and upstairs. 31 stairs times five trips. I counted. I took a little trip up onto the roof too to check out the satellite dish situation. Getting on the roof involves climbing a steel ladder two storeys up into a chimney-type thing with a trap door that leads to the roof. The ladder doesn’t go all the way up to the door, so you have to lean against the inside of the chimney and pull yourself up. It feels very adventurous, and I’m not crazy about heights. But I had to admit it was kind of cool to be up that high, standing on the top rung of a ladder and not holding on with your hands.

I’m feeling a little bit tired now, but I need to put away my stuff, and maybe have a nap. Movie night is tonight. 🙂