Well, I tend to put things off until the last minute. But, since I’m moving in a couple of weeks, I figured I’d take care of a few things in advance. I did a lot of them this morning. I went to the mortgage broker’s place to bring him the documents and void cheque for taking money out of my bank account 🙁 and then I called to move my car insurance to my new address, and also to get a quote on my condo insurance. I found out that it’s actually cheaper than my tenant’s insurance for some inexplicable reason, even though the coverage is much better. Also, I get a 5% discount on my car insurance for having both policies with the same company. The 5% discount is almost half of the cost of my entire condo insurance policy! 😀 So then I cancelled my existing tenant insurance policy right away. Then I got a call from the tenant insurance company. The girl there was trying to persuade me to come back to them, but since their customer service has been absolutely pitiful in the last few years that I’ve been dealing with them, they can kiss my ass goodbye. 😛

Speaking of customer service, I was actually very impressed with Bell Canada. They have this web page set up for moving your phone service, and it was great! I entered in all my current information, and then the information about my move. I was also able to move my Internet service as well. After submitting all the info, I got an email from them to confirm the order, and it explained that I need to talk to the current owners of the condo about cancelling their phone service so my line can be hooked up. It also said my Internet would be switched over and ready to go the day I move in. And, it also gave my new phone number. 🙂

Anyway, there’s very little left to be done. I have to call to reserve a truck for my moving day. I have to move my hydro account to the new address. I also have some more documents to drop off at the lawyer’s office. And then the actual moving begins. I guess I should start packing… :sprint: