Getting up at 7 seemed especially painful this morning. I had been on the go non-stop yesterday until about 12:30AM. Waking up seemed impossible, but I needed to be at a breakfast meeting near Stoney Creek. I had totally forgotten about the last one we had arranged, so there was no way I could miss this one.

Anyway, I met with Rich and Dave, two of my close business associates. We’ve each supported each other throughout the growth of our own computer-related businesses, so we’ve become pretty good friends. There’s no overlap in our businesses, so it’s easy for us to get along. We look out for each others’ interests and clients when necessary, and share a commitment to honest and ethical business practices–something quite rare in the computer business, let me tell you!

Well, I’m glad I got up for the meeting. Not only was it fun to see the guys again, but I made some excellent contacts. I told them that I’d be doing some corporate improv training in the summer, and got a pipeline into one of the most successful Canadian corporations. I also got some links to management at a major Canadian bank. I can’t talk too many details here, because it’s a little too public, but if it all goes well, teaching improv could turn out to be a big part of my life. I’ve got my fingers crossed and I’m gonna work like crazy to make it happen. 🙂