I'm a kid in Ear FallsHere’s an idea of the randomness that is my day. I was on the CBC web site, looking at a listing of CBC radio station frequencies. I saw that the town of Ear Falls has CBC radio on 690AM. I lived in Ear Falls when I was around 3 years old. My dad was helping to set up some kind of metal processing facility there. The Steel Company of Canada gave us a beautiful house to live in. It was a big white house with black shutters.

Some of my oldest memories are from Ear Falls. I remember picking blueberries with my mom near the train tracks, and playing in the snow. There was always lots of snow in the winter. I remember moving back to our house in Hamilton and crawling under the dining room table between the legs of the chairs.

Anyway, I had heard that the town was in trouble after the metal processing facility closed about 10 years ago. But, there are still people there, and they even have a web site! mmmm… personal history…

How to get to Ear Falls
Cheesy Ear Falls home page