I’ve been curious about Gigli since I first started hearing the universally abyssmal reviews it was receiving. I had to know if really WAS as bad as everyone seemed to think it was. Here is a sampling of quotes about the movie from various critics:

“Formless windbag of a romantic comedy with bits of gangster flick stuck to the edges.”
— Ella Taylor, L.A. WEEKLY

“I am giving Gigli one star and that is only because of Walken: if Brest were smart, when the film hits DVD, he should only release that scene and stick the rest in the deleted scenes section.”
— Peter Sobczynski, CRITIC DOCTOR

“This is a movie that manages to keep finding new ways of being stupid.”

“If you’re going to skip one film this year – make it “Gigli.””
— Tony Toscano, TALKING PICTURES (U.S.)

So, is it as bad as they say? In a word, YES! I watched a few minutes of it while I prepared for work this morning, and I had to turn it off. The dialog was horribly written and awkwardly delivered. It seemed so pointless. At one point, Jennifer Lopez spent about 5 minutes comparing her mouth to her vagina. It was supposed to be erotic, I think, judging from the lighting and the music. But it just came out sounding crass and tasteless. Anwyay, I couldn’t watch any more of it. In just a few minutes, it gave the impression of wasting too much of my time already. If you’re curious about this movie, I would recommend watching any random ten minutes of it, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way as me and not have any more desire to watch it.