I followed a very long road yesterday. I got up early, went to the gym, went grocery shopping, went to work for a couple of hours and did tons of stuff, went to Toronto to meet a client who didn’t show up for the meeting, went to get my car’s oil and air filter changed and to have the tires rotated, went to drop off a computer for Bhav’s friend, then went to meet Hesi for the Nickelback concert.

Now… The concert! Amazing! I haven’t been to a rock concert in ages. I think the last one I went to was Motley Crue, and I was about 12. I have no idea of how to critique a concert, but it sure was fun. Three Days Grace and Staind opened for Nickelback. I’d have to say I loved the performance of all three bands. I’m not great with names of songs and bands, but I recognized almost all of the songs played last night. Nice surprises. 🙂 It’s incredible how the musicians seem larger than life performing on that stage, even when compared to people standing in the crowd not far from them. It’s incredible what lights and staging and fake smoke can do to someone’s stature. :nod: Anyway, the concert was fun and relaxing and the perfect end to a long day. Thank you Hesi. :hug:

Oh… Funny moment of the night… After Kroeger had run around the floor, high-fiving people in the crowd and videotaping everything with a camcorder, he came back up on stage and said, “I noticed a lot of you people have beer! Who wants beer?!” and the crowd went nuts. Then stage hands wheeled out a cart full of cups of beer, and threw them into the crowd. Beer was flying everywhere. Up until that very moment I was wishing I had chosen the floor seats. 😛