My journal was starting to look a little stale, so I figured I’d put in a meaningless entry just to freshen it a bit. 🙂 Today is a standard busy day. I’ve got a backlog of work at the office, because there’s one repair that is particularly difficult. In case anyone reading this is considering installing Norton Antivirus 2004: do not! It is a nightmare in its current state, and it’s almost impossible to remove if something goes wrong. Also, once it gets installed, you can not go back to an older version. Anyway, I’ve got lots of work to do today because of the problems caused by Norton yesterday.

Tonight I’m taking Colette to see the Scrambled Leggs opening show at the Second City’s Tim Sims Playhouse. I asked her to come because she just had her first sketch show on Friday night. The Leggs gave me a couple of free tickets, and an invite to their opening night party. It should be a great opportunity to make some more industry contacts, and find some more comedy people to shoot. :nod: