I walked across the parking lot from the grocery store to my car. The parking lot was nearly empty, and my car was on the other side of it near my office. The sun was setting. The sky was partially covered in clouds, which were tearing away to reveal an orange and indigo backdrop beyond. My uncle calls this the magic hour for architectural photography, because the sky just above the roofline of the buildings meters exactly the same as the interior light showing through the windows.

It had just rained, so the pavement was wet. It looked like a mirror. In the reflection, I could see the light standards flickering to life as the sky darkened. There was a breeze in the air, but for the first time in months, it didn’t chill me. It was a fresh cool breeze that smelled like spring. Blowing away the shadows of winter, that breeze brings the promise of better and warmer days to come. It also brought a smile to my face. 🙂