Wow I got a lot of stuff done today. I got up and started taking photos of glassware. That went pretty well. I still have lots more to do, but I’ve gotten into a good shooting groove with this stuff.

After shooting for a while I went to the stage falls workshop at some martial arts place. We had a karate teacher show us how to fall safely. It was very interesting, and a great workout. We fell and got up about 250 times in that hour, and my abs are telling me all about it. 😛 Falling is not too hard. Land on bum, back, slap hands on ground to keep your head from banging down. That’s basically all you have to remember. 🙂 He showed us some cool front roll things too, and how to get up quickly after falling.

I did more shooting this afternoon, then went to dad’s for dinner. I finished shooting for the day after dinner, and then started preparing the photos in the computer. I got most of them done, and posted into a gallery for the client. I decided to be ambitious and work on some requests by my headshot client from earlier this week. I finished those, and still felt good, so I posted all of the Staircase staff photos in their own gallery too.

Now I’m ready for sleeping. 🙂