This weekend was such a blur. I spent all day Saturday getting ready for the party, which turned out to be really good. Everyone had a great time. I love getting my different groups of friends together to meet and hang out with each other for a while. I think about 30 people showed up. Anyway, it was fun.

I got up early on Sunday to clean up the mess from Saturday night. Fortunately, a few people had stayed late to take care of the majority of the mess, including beer bottles and food plates so it wasn’t too bad in the morning. I had to run to improv team practice, which was pretty good too. After that I went to my dad’s place to do some upgrade work on his computer and to have dinner. My sister was there, visiting from Toronto, and she made a salmon quiche. Yum. The Academy awards were on, but I find them horribly boring to watch. I understand the reasons for all the thanking, but no one except the people being thanked knows who they are. I guess it’s just one of those things that I avoid watching, yet I’m still interested in the results. I’m disappointed that Last Samurai didn’t get more attention, because in my opinion it was a much better movie than Master and Commander. But I realize it’s all just a popularity contest, and Tom Cruise is kind of on the outs this year, so he wasn’t likely going to be recognized.

I’m still feeling a bit sick. I’ve had this nagging dry throat/cough thing that’s very painful. It started on Saturday, but it seems to be fading a bit. I am trying (as much as possible) to take it easy so I can get better. I took lots of vitamins and echinacea yesterday.

This week at work will be rough. There’s lots of money going out to cover various bills and liabilities so I’ll have to work very hard to get everything in line to cover it. I hope I can find enough fun to balance it out. :nod: