I was teaching a lady how to use Photoshop today. She’s been taking computer classes with us for about 3 weeks now. When she started, she had never touched a computer before. She was too afraid. But, we gave her a rapid introduction to computers because she was being laid off from her job and needed training to find a new one. Anyway, she’s about 50, I think. I was a little nervous about teaching her how to use something as complicated as Photoshop. Another instructor had taught her the beginner stuff, like how to organize her files, and how to use the Internet, and I didn’t know much about her. But, I was very impressed how quickly she caught on. She seems to have a real talent for Photoshop. I showed her how to use adjustment layers like levels and curves, and she understood right away. Soon, we were scanning and color-correcting photos, and cloning out dust spots, and making collages out of several different photos. Every new thing was exciting and fun for her. She was smiling and laughing and really having a good time. It was fun to teach her. I know that she’s going to go home to her computer–which she was too afraid to even touch last month–and start making magic with photographs. A whole new world is open to her. Anyway, my whole point is that it’s never too late to learn a new skill. :nod: