OK. I didn’t visit my journal all day yesterday, and now I’m feeling guilty. But, in my defense, Sunday was a very busy day. I got up early to clean up my place. I had camera stuff and lighting stuff all over the place. Plus, I needed to vacuum and clean the bathroom and all that stuff. The place needed to be presentable for my photo shoot in the afternoon, and toddler-safe because the photos were going to be of a toddler. However, being very tired from staying up too late on Saturday night, I went back to bed again and didn’t wake up until it was almost time for me to go to improv practice. So, I was running around like crazy cleaning, moving sharp and pointy objects to high shelves, and vacuuming for 20 minutes while I simultaneously cooked and ate breakfast and had a shower. Very productive. 😉

Let me tell you about my dream on Saturday night though! The only reason I remember it is because I scribbled down some notes before I went back to sleep again. I dreamed that I was trying to get to my job at the lottery booth, which I hated. I was in a gas station, applying for a job there, because anything would be better than the stupid lottery booth. Then, the gas station got robbed. Somehow, I got out of there, but discovered that I was carrying a television. I realized this might appear suspicious to the police, who were looking for the gas station robbers, so I was sneaking around with this television, trying to get to the lottery booth undetected. At some point, someone came up to me and asked if they could have my underwear to sell on the Internet. 😐

Annnnyway. It’s Monday morning. I’ve got three fairly big back to back meetings this morning. The first starts in 20 minutes, and I’m already late. Tonight I’ve got a headshot photo shoot. Fun stuff. 🙂