There was a packed house for the OH! Show tonight, so I was feeling good. I always feel more comfortable and more energized playing in front of a big crowd. I think I draw energy from them, and tonight was no different. Every round of applause and laugh that I get pushes me higher and pumps me up to make bigger choices.

I had been given the challenge of playing a very stereotypical Italian character at some point during the night, so I was determined to work that in somehow. My Italian character was a pizza chef with an outrageous accent. He was always seeking new and exciting things to put on pizzas. I brought him into a couple of scenes. In one, he was making pizzas with whale blubber. In another, he was up north, capturing penguins to use as pizza toppings. I actually leaped into the air, landed on my stomach and tackled an (imaginary) penguin as it slid by me. The audience collectively gasped in shock as I flew through the air. It really put me into overdrive. I engaged in a fight with the penguin and it pecked my eye out as I yelled in my Italian accent that the little bastard had stolen my stereoscopic vision from me.

I also got to play my ultra-dumb redneck farmer character. He’s becoming one of my favorite characters to play with, and I love putting him into difficult situations. Tonight he was at the doctor’s office trying to get an operation so he could get his money’s worth from his tax dollars.

We had a lot of fun tonight. Colette, Peter and Kim were playing with me. We all listened to each other, and made huge and ludicrous moves. We had agreed that we’d be as physical as possible during the show, and it really pumped up the energy. In one scene, I was in a hugging class with Peter, who’s about 6’6″ tall, so we got a lot of laughs by rolling around on the stage hugging each other and discussing hugging technique while Colette and Kim pretended to broadcast it on the Internet.

Anyway, the show was a blast. I think the audience had a good time too. Hopefully some of them will come back for more shows and to take lessons with us too. :nod: