Hi superkev,
Your 212 deviations were viewed 76,685 times, with 25,086 fullsize views.
Overall, people left 5,919 comments and added your deviations to their favourites 1,207 times.
Your most commented deviation was Alisha – Eternity with 99 comments, while your most favourited one was Alisha – Eternity with 50 favourites.
Average comments per deviation: 27.91
Average favourites per deviation: 5.69
2 Favourites were given for every 10 Comments
Every 3 days you upload a new deviation, and you uploaded 17% (35) of your deviations on Wednesdays, while your favorite time of the day during the week to upload is at 10 PM with 21 deviations.
Your busiest month was October 2002 with 38 (18%) deviations.

Stats provided by :devmicahgoulart: @ Ingenial.com https://www.ingenial.com/applied/GalleryStats