It was a very busy day. In fact, I seem to have been running continuously for the entire week. I got up early to work on the photos and skipped the gym. I didn’t even get everything done that I needed to. Work was crazy. I had back to back to back appointments all day, and when I wasn’t with a customer, the phone was ringing with someone wanting something. Yesterday I booked appointments to fill up most of next week already. I’m not really complaining though, because it means more work and more money. The fact that I don’t have to pay rent in the office for April (last month) is a great motivator, because I’m working for myself instead of the landlord.

After work I headed straight home to pack up my camera and lighting gear. I needed to get to the theatre to start on the headshots. We didn’t have as many people as we had hoped show up for this. I think I photographed about 10 people last night. But the photos look good, and we had lots of fun goofing off with different facial expressions and poses. When I finished I packed up my stuff and went home again. I needed to finish the work I had started in the morning posting client galleries in my portfolio so they could pick prints. I also did as much as possible on the headshots until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more. Here are a couple of samples:

gary kamelia christian