Yesterday in brief…

– Last-minute glassware photos.
– Mississauga to help Nick and Bhav move into Nick’s new house. “Help” is an interesting term, since I didn’t really have to do anything. I arrived there when everything was already done.
– Brampton for my birthday dinner. We went for Thai food. I know it’s almost a month after my birthday, but it’s hard to get the nine of us together to celebrate stuff any more.
– Hesiphotos. 😀 Hesi had cool new wardrobe and makeup stuff on. We tried some experimental lighting. I had no idea what I was doing. I think she noticed. 😉

Today in brief:

– Improv team practice with Gary at the theatre. Gary just became a father this weekend! I’m surprised he wanted to coach us. :nod: Team groaned about me moving practice from 10-noon, but it was the only time I could book in the theatre for the next few weeks. The place is getting too damn popular. 😛
– Meeting Patti Overgaard to give her glassware back and to show her photos on a properly calibrated monitor.
– Going to hospital to visit Laura.
– Potential nap, time permitting.
– Dad’s for dinner. Dad is projected to complain about lack of satellite TV. Depending on earlier availability of nap, I might snap.