Dad had been considering moving from his house to a condo or small townhouse. This was sad for me to consider, since my parents had that house built while my mom was pregnant with me. It was the house I grew up in and I have a lot of memories there. Now my dad lives there all by himself, and taking care of the property is more than he really wants to do on his own.

But, after thinking about it for a while, he’s decided to stay. He’ll spend some money to renovate the house to make it more comfortable and easier to maintain. He’ll hire someone to cut his lawn and do the yardwork. He already has a lady who comes in every couple of weeks to clean inside. He loves it there, because it’s a nice, quiet neighbourhood with friendly neighbours. It’s close to the golf course where he spends every day during the summer. They’re building a new highway through the city that should be ready in a couple of years. His house is about a two-minute drive from that too, so he’ll be able to get anywhere he wants to go really fast.

Knowing that my childhood home is safe from strangers is a comforting thought. Knowing that my dad is happy there is even better. 🙂