Tonight’s show was pretty funny. I personally didn’t think I had a great show. I spent a lot of time on the bench, not feeling connected to the scenes. I think I was always about 1 second behind everything, which is a bit too slow to be in performance. I did feel like I had a couple of good scenes, but overall I think my own performance was pretty average. Oh well. I think part of the problem is that I haven’t been doing enough improv workshops lately. I did the Clinic workshop for performers immediately before the show, but when the workshop is just before the show I hold back so I don’t waste anything that could otherwise go into the show. It’s a dumb attitude that I need to get over, but I can’t seem help it. I’m going to work on it though. And, I’m going to try to participate in workshops that occur on days other than show days. :nod: Anyway, I’m sure none of this is very interesting to anyone who reads my blog, but it’s helpful for me to write it down and make commitments to myself.